The 1970s

By the 1960's, the population dwindled to 236. Then slowly it increased to the present count of 305.


For Several years in the early 1970's, the Reynolds businessmen would sponsor "Fall Appreciation Supper" in the community hail. The businessmen and their wives would prepare and serve a free supper consisting of ham, baked beans, potato salad, rolls, etc.  It was their way of saying "thank you" for the patronage to all their city and rural customers.


On September 14, 1970, interstate 29 between Reynolds and Grand Forks was officially opened.


In 1971, the first water lines were laid in the city alleys. They were completed in 1972, and the official name of the water service was Grand Forks - Traill Water User, Thompson, North Dakota.


In 1972, the sewer lines were laid in the streets. The lagoon property was purchased from Joseph Ackerman. This site is near the former dump ground. Originally, two cells were constructed in the lagoon and in 1980, a third cell was officially completed.


In 1974, Griggs' Second Addition was annexed to the City and in 1976, Leiss' First Addition was annexed. Since that time, more than a dozen new homes and an eight-plex apartment have been constructed on this area.


In 1978, the city contracted with Vern's Refuse Service of Grand Forks, North Dakota, for garbage service. The dump ground was officially closed.


In 1979, the City contracted with the Train County Sheriff Department for police and law enforcement services. A part-time city officer is still under the City's employ, and Charles Moen currently holds that position.


In 1980 the City was officially awarded a $233,000.00 Federal Grant for low-income residential renovation. About thirty city residents qualify for this project, and work is scheduled to begin this summer. The Administrators of the program are The Red River Regional Planning Council, Grafton, North Dakota. The Advisory Board members are: Chairman, John Weber; Vice Chairman, Ordean Saure; Secretary, Eugene Nielson; Consultants; Alvin Johnson and Severt Hanson.


The present City Council members are: Mayor, Orlando A. (Jeep)Lebacken; Aldermen; Bill Leddige, Eugene Nielson, Ordean Saure, and Mrs. Don Tweten. Yvonne Tweten is the first woman in Reynolds history to occupy the position of alderman. The City Auditor is Mrs. John (Clara) Weber.


Businesses operating in this 100th year of existence:


Adams, John M., carpenter

Aukland, Mrs. Richard (Eiteen), Mary Kaye Cosmetic representative

Bernie's Service Station, Bernard Breidenbach, owner

Diane's Beauty Shoppe, Diane Adams owner, rural Reynolds

Farmers Oil Company, Harold Severinson, manager

Farmers Co-operative Elevator, Larry Leiss, manager

Foley Construction, Mike Foley, owner

Jensen Electric, Harold Jensen, owner, rural Reynolds

Jensen, Mrs. Roger (Loretta) Home Interior Decorating representative

Kuster Excavating, Gerald Kuster, owner, rural Reynolds

Krogstad Garage, Delmer Krogstad, owner

Lee Carpeting and Linoleum Installation, Harold and Danny Lee, and

Dale Christianson, owners, rural Reynolds

NIelsen, Mrs. Eugene (Janice), Avon representative

Reynolds Bee Hive and Cafe, Don Roberts, manager

Reynolds Liquid Fertilizer, Harold Severinson, manager

Reynolds Rural Fire Protection District

Reynolds Supply Co., Bohnsack and Krogstad Brothers, owners

Thompson Excavating, Neil Thompson, owner - rural Reynolds

United States Post Office, Don Tweten, postmaster

Weber Grocery and Meats, John Weber, owner

Zon, John, Railroad Agent




Part of Steven Solberg’s home was once the Methodist parsonage.


The first Catholic parsonage is now located at 6th Avenue North and Washington Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota, and is a private home.


The stable from the Catholic Church is located on the Eugene Nielsen property.


A section of John Zon's home was originally the first bank in Reynolds. It is believed to be the First State Bank Building and was located on the main street, and later moved to its present site.


Tillman Olson's residence east of town was Dr. Henry Reynolds' home and later M.O. Lebacken's.


Joe Scholand's home was the original C.O. Lebacken home.


M.N Brathovde started- building the now Don Twefcen residence.  C.O. Lebacken finished the construction and lived there. Lawrence Weber lived there before the Don Twetens.


The Ludvig Schulstad residence is now the Glenn Oberg home. At one time it was a "teacherage".


The former Charles Jechart residence was the home of Dr. James Hatliday.


The Dickieson home was directly north of the present fire hall. The building was razed in the 1970's and the property belongs to the city.


The former Bennie Berg residence was the home of C.N. Taber, The present occupant is Steve Schumacher.


Part of the Gordon Saure home was the original home of B.D. Eckler.


Malvin Sondrol property, (formerly Emma and Hank Bohm), was the home of D.J Hennessy.


Emil Severson's residence was the McCumber home.


The Anderson livery barn "lumber" was used to construct buildings on the now Kenneth Adams farm.


In 1967 the Railroad Depot building was moved to the Ed Shinnich farm*


The former Henry Larson home, across the street from the Catholic Church, was the John Murphy home. He had a concrete riser placed in the yard so that when anyone would alight from their carriage, the step down was not so high! That riser is still standing.




C.L. Taft, 1892-1895

I.J. Corry, 1895-1899

T.J, Smith, 1899-1903

W.H. Hemmy, 1903-1907

D.J. Hennessy, 1907-1919

John Broute, 1919-1923

John Murphy, 1923-TO8

Frank P. Hennessy, 1938-1939

H.R. Schulstad, 1939-1950

Paul Schreder, 1950-1958

Matthew von Ruden, 1958-1962

Severt Hanson, 1962-1966

Delmer Krogstad, 1966-1970

Larry A. Leiss, 1970-1978

Orlando A. Lebacken, 1978 - to present




Because of missing records and a microfilm that did not arrive in time for the printing deadline, the following list of postmasters is incomplete:


H.A Reynolds, 1st postmaster, 1881             

A.B. Hilliard

B.F. Lavalley

Kenneth B. Williams

Joseph McMenamy

E.C. Lebacken

Orlando J. Lebacken (Ole)

Larry Mealy

Danny McMenamy     

Joseph Scholand

Orlando A. Lebacken (Jeep)  

Mrs, Orlando J. (Mae) Lebacken

Mrs. George (Pearl) Berthold 

Donald Tweten